Wien Süd sets new standards with NTUITY

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The intelligent use of renewable energy is an essential part of the energy transition. For this reason, NTUITY connects devices producer-independent and offers with its platform the possibility to centrally control any number of locations. Cost-effectively and efficiently.

For the Wien Süd cooperative, it was precisely this feature that made them choose NTUITY. Wien Süd is one of the most innovative companies in Austria when it comes to non-profit social housing. For them sustainable energy management is high priority. As a first step, ten sites using heat pumps are now being managed centrally, where trend analyses are key for Wien Süd’s energy management.

„As a customer, almost every provider gives me the option of tracking the performance of my system in real time. For us, however, it is more interesting to look back in the event of a malfunction to see what occured over the past few days so that we can identify possible error patterns. Only NTUITY offers us this feature“
Sabine Prerovsky
Real Estate Management Department at Wien Süd.

The cooperative manages nine heat pumps from different manufacturers at different locations – with a tenth connection currently in the works. “NTUITY is our alarm system, without which we would not be able to monitor and manage these heat pumps in a centralized way,” says Sabine Prerovsky. As needed, NTUITY comes into play here. Either because there is a malfunction, something needs to be checked or billing is due. “It’s the strength of the NTUITY platform to precisely measure and control all devices. Users are informed and, above all, alerted when something is not running smoothly . This makes it possible to optimally direct the flow of energy,” says Walter Kreisel, founder and CEO of neoom and NTUITY, who is also convinced: “The energy transition can only be realized if we offer manufacturer-independent platforms that allow for a simple, secure and cost-effective management.” In the future, more Wien Süd sites are to be integrated into the system – whether they are being newly built or are already in operation, because having a central administration is prerequisite for sustainability.

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