Comprehensive offering for daily challenges

Visualizing and analyzing large scale data, developing energy concepts, avoiding peak loads, regulating charging management, automating processes, making maintenance more efficient, gaining monetary advantages, monitoring devices across locations in a central portal live – are these topics you deal with every day?

The Internet of Energy platform NTUITY with our products and apps offers a comprehensive solution.



Energiekonzept NTUITY Analyzer

The ANALYZER is offered as a basic product by NTUITY. It provides fundamental monitoring services for all networked devices at the respective site and enables energy concepts to be created for new investments in the energy infrastructure.

  • Collect comprehensive energy data (self production, purchases from the grid, battery states)
  • Create energy concepts to plan new investments
  • Create reports or export energy data in .csv format
  • Energy efficiency representatives
  • Billing service providers
  • Planners of PV & battery storage
  • Public institutions that want to measure the efficiency of their own infrastructure


Ntuity Dashboard
NTUITY’s premium product is the MANAGER. All features of the ANALYZER are included and many extended and additional optimizing and revenue-generating functions are offered. Thus, for instance, load peaks can be reduced, profit can be achieved on the power exchange, alarms can be individualized, and charging management can be optimized.
  • Peak load capping
  • Marketing on the power exchange
  • Balancing power
  • Creating user-defined alarms
  • Depicting multiple grid connections per standard (in parallel)
  • Dynamic, phase-based charging management
  • Charging prioritization
  • Charging card support or control via a charging calendar
  • Export functions via an API interface
  • System integrators with a variety of locations
  • Real estate management companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Commercial enterprises with high demands on operational safety and energy efficiency



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Freemium product for system partners to plan energy concepts for future investments.

Energy Intelligence

Optimization of energy production, storage and consumption based on load profile models as well as price and weather forecasts in order to optimize asset security and yields.


Enables configuration, programming and debugging of intelligent applications.

Auto Switch

Price comparison of electricity suppliers to have the cheapest tariff possible.

Dynamic E-Pricing

Flexible electricity prices based on the day-ahead and intraday price on the exchange, to make your decentralized energy system even more profitable.

Power Aggregator

Pooling of several decentralized energy systems that can profitably market their flexibility for grid-serving services on the intraday.

Prosumer Flex

Pooling of several decentralized energy systems that can profitably place their flexibility for grid-serving services on the balancing power market.

CO₂ certificate trading

NTUITY is ISO and Climate Active Gold certified. Self-production as well as capping peak loads makes their PV system and battery storage even more valuable. This is because NTUITY records the data and allows the calculated CO₂ savings to be sold on the secondary market.


Digitally capture, display, and create marketplaces for P2P energy trading, carbon trading, corporate participation, dividend payments, and renewable energy project financing.

Open Api

Data export for business partners to build their own apps and plug-ins that require information from the NTUITY platform.

  • Apps are dependent on the selected NTUITY tier: ANALYZER or MANAGER.


Real estate operators, equipment manufacturers, maintenance service providers, logistics companies and many more benefit from using NTUITY.

NEOOM HB Fliesen Mauthausen

HB Fliesen increases energy independence with NTUITY

Medium-sized companies prove time and again that ecologically sustainable action can be very well combined with their economic activities and goals. An excellent example of this is the specialist company HB Fliesen with its headquarters in Mauthausen. With a photovoltaic system and battery storage, the company is taking a big step towards energy self-sufficiency and also saving on electricity costs.

Neuer E-Fuhrpark der Post

Post AG sets the pace for a CO2-free future

Austrian Post’s sustainability strategy has set the goal of becoming CO2-free by 2030. At the delivery center at Graz Main Station, an optimized charging infrastructure for the Graz electric fleet has now been established together with NTUITY.