Post AG sets the pace for a CO2-free future

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Austrian Post’s sustainability strategy has set the goal of becoming CO2-free by 2030. To meet this commitment, more than 2,000 single and multi-track e-vehicles are already in use throughout Austria. At the delivery center at Graz Main Station, an optimized charging infrastructure for the Graz electric fleet has now been established together with NTUITY.

“There are 65 dynamically controlled charging stations in our modern charging park. Eleven of them have the option of ‘accelerated charging’,” said DI Peter Umundum, Board Member for Parcel & Logistics at Österreichische Post AG. NTUITY calculates how much electricity is available and distributes it to all charging stations based on priority so that all vehicles are fully charged and ready to go the next morning. “NTUITY acts as a central hub. Regardless of the manufacturer, the software is compatible with all charging devices and bundles all management functions in one tool. In this way, we can combine maximum efficiency with the highest possible availability. At the Graz delivery center, it is impressive to see how a fleet of 65 vehicles is optimally charged overnight,” said Walter Kreisel, Managing Director of NTUITY.

Showcase project

What makes this project so impressive and inspirational is that a large number of e-vehicles can be charged at the same time. And yet the power requirements are optimized so that a standard electrical infrastructure is sufficient and, in the case of the Graz charging park, no significant investment in electrical installation was required. “The Graz delivery center thus not only operates the largest charging park with smart charging software in Austria, but is also among the front-runners in Europe,” DI Umundum happily noted, and Walter Kreisel added: “Implementing a project like this is proof that sophisticated systems make the energy transition achievable and that we are on the right track.”

NTUITY as crucial component

As an Internet-of-Energy platform, NTUITY is an important part of the energy transition. After all, a sustainable energy future requires more than a photovoltaic system for power generation and a storage system. The smart use of existing energy is crucial. For this reason, NTUITY networks people, devices and buildings. Regardless of who made the end devices, it directs energy cost-effectively and securely so that it is always available at the right time in the amount needed.

Another Post AG site in Kalsdorf near Graz is already being planned and will be rolled out this year.

"What makes the Post AG site in Graz so special is the combination of normal AC charging stations and fast DC charging stations. Thanks to intelligent load distribution, vehicles can thus be charged at the fast charging stations within a short time. Meanwhile, the charging of low-priority vehicles is slowed down or paused and resumes as soon as enough power is available again."
Peter Königstoren
Peter Königstorfer
Project Manager

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