Driving the energy transition together

Benefit from strong collaboration. Together we push the energy transition to the next level.

Renewable energies, e-mobility and intelligent power and heat supply are your passion and part of your daily business? Whether you install electricity storage, charging stations, inverters, smart meters, PLC controls, heat pumps or heating rods – we guarantee you one thing:

Through a partnership with NTUITY, you can now combine and manage these topics in a single software solution. This simplifies and optimizes numerous processes during installation and operation. You always have everything in view and reduce both the installation and maintenance effort. NTUITY also opens up a whole range of new business opportunities. 


Business Partner


  • Direct contact for questions of any kind
  • Product & technical training
  • Support during commissioning
  • Joint development of new features
  • Software documentation
  • Sustainable customer loyalty

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  • API interface for M2M and Cloud2Cloud communication
  • Better customer retention – Provide added value to customers & partners through access to our common communication platform.
  • Extensibility – Connect external and your own apps & services with NTUITY and implement new energy-as-a-service business models, e.g. maintenance contracts
  • Harmonized data for billing and funding applications
  • Manufacturer independence – integrate and operate existing and new devices independent of manufacturer 
  • Integration – NTUITY can also be integrated into existing PLC devices  
  • Live monitoring of all locations and installed devices in the field
  • Location-independent – cloud-based, scalable solution for modern energy management – available as desktop and mobile version
  • Scalability  and free addition of additional users
  • Software updates over-the-air to always use the latest version of NTUITY
  • Transparent energy management – devices can be serviced remotely and timing of fault identification and resolution is transparently documented
  • Revenue increase/cost reduction – More customers and lower costs through time-saving planning, commissioning & maintenance
  • Simplified and fast commissioning (Plug & Play)
  • Reduce maintenance costs – shared portal access for partners & customers for remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Central portal – see existing and new devices of all customers across locations in one central portal


Take the opportunity to learn first-hand everything you need to know about the NTUITY software platform for intuitive, decentralized and predictive energy management. Our experts will show you how you can use and benefit from NTUITY to permanently increase your customers' satisfaction.

Our Partners

neoom builds decentralized and future-proof energy systems. Their products include battery storage systems for private, commercial and industrial customers, as well as charging stations.

Klampfer stands for comprehensive overall services from a single source and specializes in particular in electrical systems for industrial plants, business centers, hospitals or medical facilities and commercial installations.

Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC-based control technology. The product range includes the main areas of industrial PC, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology and automation software.
Only if we manage to use resources such as the sun, wind and water - which are available to us virtually infinitely - in a sustainable manner can we turn the tide.
Walter Kreisel
Walter Kreisel
neoom group
Technologically, we complement each other perfectly in our power-up service and together pursue the goal of making an important contribution to the success of the energy transition.
Günter Hinterberger, Klampfer
Günther Hinterberger
The synergies of companies that live New Automation Technology and companies that transport innovations into the energy industry will shape the energy transition. Here, cool people are working together who will turn what was unimaginable yesterday into reality. The cooperation between the Neoom Group width their product NTUITY and Beckhoff New Automation Technology holds endless potential to make the energy transition a reality. Beckhoff's New Automation Technology approach supports resource, energy and process efficiency in a wide range of applications and industries. Future-proof automation solutions form the basis for the sustainable development of urban living environments. We are proud to cooperate with innovators such as Neoom/NTUITY!
Christian Pillwein, Beckhoff
Christian Pillwein

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Julius Schärdinger


Head of Sales

Peter Königstoren


Project Manager