HB Fliesen increases energy independence with NTUITY

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Medium-sized companies prove time and again that ecologically sustainable action can be very well combined with their economic activities and goals. An excellent example of this is the specialist company HB Fliesen with its headquarters in Mauthausen.

With a photovoltaic system and battery storage, the company is taking a big step towards energy self-sufficiency and also saving on electricity costs. To ensure that the self-generated electricity is optimally distributed at all times, NTUITY analyzes and controls the energy flows in real time. In the future, this will also apply across all sites.
At HB Fliesen, 70 percent of electricity requirements are now covered by self-generated energy – including the possibility of a complete backup power supply. In this way, the Mauthausen-based company achieves a balanced energy balance and saves a large part of its electricity costs. The electric vehicle fleet is also charged with the company’s own electricity and monitored and controlled by NTUITY. An IoE gateway measures all energy data at HB Fliesen’s headquarters around the clock.

"A particular challenge in energy use is charging multiple electric vehicles without causing high load peaks. This is only possible by means of intelligent software. NTUITY is the link here. By the way, regardless of who the end device comes from."
Walter Kreisel
Walter Kreisel
Founder and CEO of neoom and NTUITY

At HB Fliesen, however, the company is not yet satisfied with upgrading its headquarters.

"Sustainability is very important to us. We are happy that we are not only saving a lot of energy costs, but also significantly reducing our carbon footprint. The next step is now to equip more locations with PV systems and storage units, thus making an even greater contribution and gradually becoming completely energy self-sufficient. Thanks to NTUITY, we will be able to network the sites in the future and benefit from self-generated electricity everywhere."
Reinhart Hirtl
Reinhart Hirtl
Managing Director at HB Fliesen

The NTUITY Internet of Energy platform networks any number of locations, measures and controls all devices, and informs and alerts their users if something is wrong. In this way, the flow of energy is optimally managed in order to provide the right amount of energy in a cost-efficient way.

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