Crisis as a ladder

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How soaring energy prices cause PV systems to thrive

Winter has not yet come, but energy prices have already risen to all-time highs across Europe. Vanishing margins have caused some smaller energy suppliers to cease their operations and national governments even have had to implement some regulations to not leave their citizens with a steep energy bill. Now everybody is wondering if these measures will be only temporary or if they are here to stay to deal with more frequent price peaks in the future. To make a solid prediction we first have to identify the causes of this energy crisis. But one thing is certain: Amidst this chaos, some technologies could even rise to unprecedented heights.

As there are multiple factors at play, it should take quite a while for the situation to resolve. Taking into account a global gas supply crunch, exceptionally low wind levels and a lack of renewable energy – the cause of the price surge seems quite complex. Some even argue that to prevent events like these from happening again, the best course of action would be to halt the coal phase-out, which is practically impossible and generally not a good idea, if we want to achieve the 2030 and 2050 climate goals. Luckily there is an alternative: doubling down and speeding up the transition to renewable energy sources and energy storage.

Doubling down on renewable energy

Renewable energy still carries the stigma of being too volatile in its generation and not being able to guarantee security of supply, but it is time to disprove that once and for all. Supporting technologies such as batteries keep advancing at remarkable speed and once enough storage capacity is available in a grid, supply security from mostly renewables can be guaranteed. In fact, what’s left will be the price volatility of fossil fuel prices. Being affected by several factors, like geopolitics, they are already unpredictable, while solar and wind installations can be implemented at fixed costs.

Golden times ahead for PV and energy storage

Governments will try not to shift the entire burden of the price spike onto their citizens, but some of the load will still find its way to end customers. They will not be able to shake off the feeling of powerlessness in the face of these changes, so to improve their self-sufficiency, this will create great incentives to buy a PV system with a battery. By generating one’s own electricity, the purchase of an electric car including a charging station becomes much more attractive – and promises added independence: from the ever-increasing price of gasoline.

“You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.” This certainly is true for the transition to renewable energies. The current price surge is undoubtedly a burden for end customers and the energy industry as a whole, but a crisis is also an opportunity to double down on modernization efforts, which will guarantee a sustainable supply security by renewable energy.

Thinking ahead, we are certain that there is no way around these technologies, so we have developed solutions for all of those applications, which include hardware and software so that our customers benefit both financially and ecologically.

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