The Internet of Energy Platform

NTUITY – Connects device manufacturers, system integrators, and site managers to simplify their processes, increase the security of local energy infrastructure, and enable renewable energy-based sustainable services for maximum customer satisfaction.

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Internet of energy
Internet of Energy


The NTUITY platform networks any number of sites, measures and controls all devices, and informs and alerts their users. In this way, the energy flow can be optimally managed to provide energy safely and cost-effectively in the right quantity at the right time.
It's never been easier

Optimal planning

Through live data and the intelligent energy concept calculator, energy infrastructure projects can be planned with reliable data. Thus, the correct dimensioning of a photovoltaic system and battery storage can be determined accurately.

Ntuity Energiekonzept
Ntuity Geräteliste
Central platform for users and devices

Easy troubleshooting and maintenance

By analyzing the collected energy data in real time, valuable insights into process optimization can be gained in order to reduce maintenance and operating costs over the entire life cycle of the plant.
This also allows faults to be detected more quickly, many problems to be solved via remote maintenance, and all existing and new devices to be managed in a central portal across all sites.



NTUITY makes the energy infrastructure in properties “fit for the future” so that they can benefit fully from the energy transition. Energy data is transformed into business values and each building is transformed into a decentralized power plant.

PV-Anlage von oben
One software for many requirements

clear advantage

NTUITY replaces a multitude of proprietary systems and functionally limited management systems. NTUITY optimizes, manages and controls energy infrastructure devices in a single software – decentralized, site and vendor independent.

NTUITY supports system integrators along the entire energy value chain.

Measure & Potential Analysis

  • Load profile analysis
  • Creating energy concepts

Execution & Installation

  • Efficient commissioning
  • Device networking

Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Visualization
  • Remote control
  • Alarming

Accounting & Reporting

  • Target/actual comparison
  • Site benchmarking

E-Automation & New Services

  • Grid-supporting
  • Field service
  • In line with the market

Extensive range for daily challenges



Energiekonzept NTUITY Analyzer

ANALYZER is offered as a basic product by NTUITY. It provides fundamental monitoring services for all networked devices at the respective site and enables energy concepts to be created for new investments in the energy infrastructure.



Ntuity Dashboard

NTUITY’s premium product is MANAGER. All features of ANALYZER are included and many extended and additional optimizing and revenue-generating functions are offered. Thus, thus for instance, revenues can be achieved on the power exchange, alarms can be individualized, and charging management can be optimized.

Business Partner

Driving the energy transition together

Benefit from strong collaboration.
Together we push the energy transition to the next level.

  • Dedicated contact person for questions of any kind
  • Product & technical training
  • Support during commissioning
  • Joint development of new features
  • Software documentation
  • Sustainable customer loyalty

Reference projects

Real estate operators, device manufacturers, maintenance service providers, logistics companies and many more benefit from the use of NTUITY.

NEOOM HB Fliesen Mauthausen

HB Fliesen increases energy independence with NTUITY

Medium-sized companies prove time and again that ecologically sustainable action can be very well combined with their economic activities and goals. An excellent example of this is the specialist company HB Fliesen with its headquarters in Mauthausen. With a photovoltaic system and battery storage, the company is taking a big step towards energy self-sufficiency and also saving on electricity costs.

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